AMD 64 X2, AMD, 64 bit, 64 bit processor, System Management Utility, dual core, quad core

AMD 64 X2, AMD, 64 bit, 64 bit processor, System Management Utility, performance,
Intel multiple CPU scheduling processor affinity tool, ROPE aka Run On Processor Explicitly

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Do you have a Dual Core / Quad Core Processor or a Multiple Processor Server, AMD 32/64 or Intel 32/64, running Windows 2000/XP/Vista and would like to run certain applications on just one of the cores? For example, run Hercules, VMWare
©, or any other application on just one of the cores / CPU leaving the other core(s) / CPU(s) free for other tasks, then ROPE (RunOnProcessorExplicitly) is a must have.

ROPE is a Systems Management Utility to allow applications and services to execute on specifically designated processors when running under Microsoft® Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista that enables the user to specifically specify the CPU-affinity for multi core / multi CPU. Instead of running each process on all CPUs you can define it as you want it. For example, if you want to separate the firewall and the anti-virus-software from the graphics-application. ROPE allows user control of the CPU-affinity on the following basis;

The specific CPU numbers [1 - n] on which to run the new process.

The total number of CPU's to use for this new process, ROPE will automatically load balance CPU's.

ROPE will also allow the setting of the minimum working set size for the new process.

If you have old Window or DOS applications that crash on multi core, multi CPU systems, then ROPE will run these applications on a single CPU.


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